Hadrian's Wall Conservation Corridor

National Trail Conservation Corridor

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A perennial concern for everyone involved in looking after the World Heritage Site is monitoring its condition and suitably reacting to the many physical challenges faced by the Roman Wall.

This is a dynamic environment that has been farmed and lived in for millennia.

In truth public access is a comparatively modern pressure, but one that cannot be underestimated, compounded by a damp and occasionally severe climate.

However, proven visitor management solutions exist whereby the interests of both the Wall's archaeology and its farmers can be protected.

By nurturing a strong common bond between those whose livelihoods depend on working this land and those for whom it is, in effect, a transitory fascination, compromises will be sought that ensure both the needs of conservation and access are understood and valued.

WALLTOGETHER will be a meeting place for all and a forum for exploring workable solutions.